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Tourism at Kinský dal Borgo

With over 8000 hectares of hunting ground, enabling us to ensure our vision of wildlife management, we offer multiple-hunting experiences to our guests. The Kinský dal Borgo estate holds the “Wildlife Estates Label”.

From the historic enclosed 600 ha forests of Obera Game Park to over 300 he of lakes and ponds; from the baroque Karlova Koruna Chateau to the gothic Kost Castle; from a wild boar hunt to a walk through the Chateau Park - we have a diverse and unique offer for any of our guests’ personal or business needs.    Between Karlova Koruna Chateau and Kost Castle, we attract tens of thousands visitors each year.  Many couples choose these locations for their special wedding day, as well as many companies choose to hold their corporate meetings/retreats as well (seminars, team building exercises and recreation are possible). Additionally we have several other locations including Hotel Obora Kinský and Luhy Hunting Lodge which are available for a wide range of private and corporate events. 

We have over 20 years of solid experience in offering a wide variety of services to both visitors and companies.  Our tourism and vacation offerings cover:  

Hunting retreats  
Guided tours of Karlova Koruna and Kost 
Gala dinners, balls and concerts 
Corporate events (team building, promotion, training, etc.).
Our historic and unique locations, along with a diversity of activities, allow us to offer a

wide range of possibilities for any client.  We can suggest several “vacation packages” that we're confident will meet the demanding needs of our guests, offering many activities covering varied interests: History & Architecture, Nature,  Equestrian  and Hunting. Additionally, we are also able to offer “tailored solutions” in order to accommodate different needs.  
  Typically we can offer weekend programs but also suggest our guests to plan for a longer stay (of 3 or more days) in order to more fully explore and appreciate the sites and activities we have to offer.

Hotel Options

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Hotel Obora Kinský

The pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant is enhanced by the central fireplace and original, period horse prints lining the walls. Since recently, the Kinský dal Borgo family has taken back the management of the hotel and restaurant, effectively integrating it within the other locations and services offered by the Kinský dal Borgo company.

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Castle Kost

Kost Castle is one of the best presereved medieval castles and one of the major tourist attractions in the Czech Republic, thanks to its charm, facinating exposition of authentic weapons and lifestyle in the middle ages. It was built in 1349 and inherited by the Kinsky dal Borgo family in 1874. Centrally located near the city of Jičín, 80 Km northeast of Prague.

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Luhy Lodge

This hunting lodge is located in the middle of the company´s pheasantry and includes a wooden veranda for outside barbecues and the hunting lodge equipped with all facililties. It is located only 5 Km from the castle Karlova Koruna, within a 10 minute drive from the highway, therefore it is an ideal location for wedding parties, private and corporate events.


History & Architecture

The baroque Karlova Koruna Chateau – the original Kinský family residence and the medieval Kost Castle, originally owned by Dal Borgo family.

Read more information at www.kinskycastles.cz

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The Kinský family owns over 8.000 hectares of forests, which are used in forestry and hunting. Within this holding is the very special and historical Obora Game Park, which is a part of the NATURA 2000 area. This area consists of over 600 ha of stunning 100-years-old forests, fenced in order to preserve a unique population of Mufflon and Dama Dama.
This unique place and historic natural environment enjoys careful maintenance and it’s not uncommon to catch extraordinary gold medal trophies.
This year, the “Borne Wildlife Estates Label Award” was awarded to the Kinský family's hunting grounds, taking good care of biodiversity and its natural environment. (see www.wildlife-estates.eu).

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The Kinský family roots go deep into the history of Czech Republic and houses have always been a special interest and a favorite activity. In the mid-17 century the family began to breed horses for hunting and for Austrian Emperor’s cavalry. At the end of 1800’s Octavian Count Kinský founded his own breed: the Kinský horse.

Octavian Kinsky was an excellent rider and a passionate hunter. He was the first one to introduce the steeplechase win then Czechoslovakia; the first-ever steeplechase in this country was held in the fields and forests surrounding the family Ostrov stables. Octavian Kinský was also a founding member of the “Velka Pardubicka”, a famous national horse race that still takes place every year.  A testimony of the family passion for horses and steeplechasing is the chateau collection of paintings (among them are rare pieces from the Hamilton brothers).

A unique exposition of the history of the Kinský family and horse breeding in Bohemia can be visited in the near-by Karlova Koruna Chateau.  Today the Ostrov stables are rented by the company Hřebčín Kněžičký (see www.hrebcin-knezicky.cz)

Together with our partner we offer a variety of equestrian activities so you can enjoy the beautiful landscape around Karlova Koruna Chateau. 
  - Jumping
  - Outdoor excursions
  - Steeplechase